Paul Smith - website development team leader


I'm a web development team leader for one of the UK's largest business communications specialists. With over 5 years experience as a developer I've managed a number of web-based projects and for the last year I've been leading a team of developers.

I've found I really enjoy the team leadership role. Whilst my skills are largely technical, I get a lot of satisfaction from the mentoring, planning and project management aspects of the role.

Team leadership

It's my belief that people produce their best work when they are happiest. In order to sustain happiness long term, it's important to develop happiness in the right way. Ultimately by creating an environment where people value the company as a whole and are proud of their contributions. I resist treating people as resources and encourage people to develop themselves outside of their core-skill areas. Through a shared-vision and constant communication, people will often come together and produce work of superior quality far exceeding what they could accomplish alone.

Project management

I'm experienced in extreme programming, utilising the agile methodologies and practices to continuously deliver quality working software. I've designed and implemented the development and release processes around a number of web projects; using source-control (git) to monitor changes, testing new functionality through automated Selenium tests and managing continuous integration and deployments with Jenkins.

I constantly involve the whole team and any stakeholders in daily stand-ups around a Kanban board, iteration and release planning, frequent demos and retrospective sessions throughout the duration of the project.

Website performance

I have a keen interest in website performance. In a recent project I lead the team in moving our whole web-estate to Amazon's web services. Planning a new system architecture to improve the speed and performance of the website whilst also making it easier for us to develop new features. We've utilised elastic beanstalk, s3 storage, cloud front delivery and RDS multi-zone instances, all focused on improving performance and reliability across our web estate. I also worked closely with the team to improve the way we construct and deliver the code to help decrease page load speed.


HTML, CSS (Sass, Compass), JavaScript (jQuery), PHP, Composer, OOP - SOLID principles, Vagrant environment virtualisation, Ubuntu, SSH, Bash scripting, LAMP server configuration, Jenkins, Trello.

Amazon web services; EC2 server instances, Elastic beanstalk, S3, Cloudfront, RDS (database service).

GIT Source Control; Github, BitBucket

Atlassians Products; Jira, Confluence, Source Tree


I believe it's important to always be learning.
Currently I'm teaching myself;

  • Angular.js
  • PHPUnit - TDD
  • Karma / Jasmine - Javascript TDD - example
  • Protractor automated testing - example

In the future I plan to learn;

  • PHP MVC framework (Symphony, Laravel)
  • Magento
  • Grunt

Books I've read recently and enjoyed;


Web Developer - team lead for the web team Apr '09 - Present
Planning and delivering a variety of web based projects for one of the UK's largest business communication specialists. With a key focus on SEO, usability and web standards, the websites are analysed and tested frequently to ensure that they're always performing at their best. The websites are built on either Drupal or Wordpress and I have written custom code to integrate with social media sites as well as Salesforce and the company's own API service.

TAC - Web and Graphics Designer/Developer Sep '08 - Apr '09
During my time with TAC I worked on developing website ideas and concepts using XHTML, CSS and JavaScript to interact with the databases specific to their products. As one example: I built a windows media centre interface to allow the user to control elements of their home and energy systems using a remote control.

Pure Blue Media - Co-founder and Web Developer Apr '07 - Jul '08
For just over a year I worked as a website developer for the company I co-founded; Pure Blue Media. Alongside my job at Northcliffe media, I registered my own business and created websites for private customers.

Northcliffe Media - Photoshop and Scanning Technician Jul '05 - Jul '08


During my employment I've completed three intense training courses in Kanban project management, PHP and Javascript. Previously I completed a HND (and a BTEC national diploma) in Sound Engineering and Multimedia Integration as well as an A-Level in Computing and 9 high-pass GCSEs.